Hyundai Home Appliances Upcoming Product Range

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Hyundai’s upcoming product range:

Since Hyundai is constantly working towards the expansion and upgradation of its product range and trying its level best to meet the expectations of its valuable customers, the following products are soon to be added into the Company’s product set and are going to be fully equipped to conquer the market:

1. Hyundai’s Washing machine:

Hyundai’s much awaited soon to be launched Washing machines comprise of highly advanced washing and spinning capacity. They are expected to be available in two specific series.

Moreover, they will be introduced in three different colors being; white, silver and silver grey keeping in mind the varied choices of our prestigious customers.

2. Lighting:

One of the most popular category of Hyundai’s upcoming products is its ‘Lighting’.

Keeping in mind the current trends in the market, Hyundai has come up with top of the line lighting range inclusive of three different categories; LED bulbs, LED ceiling lights and LED street lights. These lights are going to undoubtedly be the best lights you will come across in the market due to their durability, high intensity energy saving capacity and multiple newly introduced technological features like none other!

3. Water dispenser:

Hyundai’s much inquired about ‘water dispenser’ is amongst its soon to be released products. It is expected to arrive in two different models with incredibly elegant design and remarkably innovative features.

4. LED TV:

Another high end product that is part of Hyundai’s forthcoming appliances range is its ‘LED Smart TV’ which shall be available in two different sizes; 32’’ and 55’’.

This is going to be Hyundai’s revolutionary appliance in terms of its ultra slim design and ground-breaking characteristics like you would not experience anywhere else in the market.

5. Microwave oven:

Hyundai aims to add microwave oven as an essential item to its upcoming home appliances range as well.

It is expected to arrive in numerous models and is going to be a 3 in 1 multi-function microwave oven fulfilling all your heating requirements within one specific appliance!

6. Refrigerator:

Hyundai’s state of the art and energy efficient big loading capacity Refrigerators are another one of its popular upcoming range appliance. These refrigerators are going to be high net capacity holding smart design refrigerators made to be available in more than one color.

Therefore, these refrigerators are surely going to be a stand out in your appliance range and would definitely add great value to your household!

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