Warranty Clauses For Air Conditioners

Compressor: 5 Years after purchase (One time Replacement)

Parts: 1 year after purchase (One time Replacement)

  • The warranty of product will start after first purchase of the product.
  • Warranty for product will only be valid if purchased from Authorized Hyundai dealer.
  • The warranty does not cover any periodic maintenance, refrigerant & any breakage in indoor body after installation.
  • Service visiting charges and Inspection Charges will be applicable after 3 Months from date of purchase for repair of unit at customer’s premises.
  • The warranty does not cover remote control damage, filters or the parts which have natural wear out due to routine use.
  • No warranty claim will be made in case of tempered or absence of bar code.
  • The customer will bear the refrigerant expense in case of leakage caused during installation within one month of installation.
  • The customer will be responsible for the transportation of faulty units to and from the service center after 3 months from the date of the purchase.
  • The company and the customer mutually agree that there will be no complete replacement of the AC unit whatsoever. Only claim within terms & Conditions of the warranty will be entertained.
  • Company is not liable for any warranty claim in case of any evaporator leakage due to weather, near by sea or drainage.
  • Company will ensure that warranty part will be either new or in usable condition. Company is not liable to always provide new part replacement due to limitation.
  • In some cases it is not possible to provide service at location in which case product or part will be taken to service department. Please ensure that accessories are not accompanied with it as loss of any will not be company’s responsibility.
  • In case of lost warranty card, a new warranty card will be issued provided warranty already is registered with company and original purchase invoice is provided to dealer.

The Warranty becomes void under the following circumstances:

  • Defects resulting from abnormal electric load, short circuiting, voltage fluctuation and poor wiring.
  • Defects caused by fire, accident, misuse, transportation and shifting.
  • If main source of electricity is other than distribution company.
  • No warranty coverage will be given for faults caused by insects or mouse.

Legal Obligation:

  • The Warranty & Use of this product will be governed by Pakistan Law. Any proceeding arising out or in connection with warranty or the use of this product may only be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in Lahore only.
  • Hyundai is not liable for any Loss suffered by customer due to use of product.
  • Hyundai is not liable for any Installation loss face by the customer.
  • Company is liable to resolve any issue of warranty as per terms & conditions within reasonable time. However, sometime service is not available due to import issues or other un avoidable circumstances

Customer To-do List:

  • Preference should be given to authorized installer for all kind of installation. List of authorized installer is provided in warranty book or Hyundai website.
  • Ensure that a company bar code is pasted in warranty book. Match this with the same bar code pasted on indoor unit.
  • Ask authorized installer to register your product warranty with company in order to avoid any warranty issues.
  • In case installation is done by unauthorized installer, contact help line to register warranty.
  • Ask dealer to stamp warranty card and fill all required details.
  • Warranty should be registered with the company within 10 days of installation. In case warranty is not registered no claim will be covered by Company.

Contact on Following Numbers in Order to Register Warranty.

03224444206, 03224444209